p528 Revolution.... Revolutionizing the Music Industry, Medicine & Global Awareness. by Sherri kane and Leonard Horowitz, (Horokane), Dr Len Horowitz, Dr Leonard Horowitz, Sherri Kane

Solutions are available today for civilization’s worst problems—wars, starvation and dehydration, infectious diseases, and environmental pollution—these nightmares are awaiting widespread diagnosis and treatment with new sustainable and sustaining technologies.

But these remedies for what ails us are being blocked by political and financial special interests. Multinational corporations and the wealthiest most powerful industrialists value profits more than people, risking lives, and destroying our natural resources.

Fraudulent “Humanitarian” Organizations and the Myth of “Non-profit” Educational Institutions is a remarkable feature-length multimedia presentation by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz—the world’s best credentialed, most prolific and controversial pharmaceutical industry whistle-blower, these commercial interests are exposed for contriving “population problems:” environmental sabotage, atmospheric pollution generating “global warming,” poisoning consumer products to allegedly serve “higher living standards,” and drugs and arms rackets to assure “national security.” From HIV/AIDS policy to dealing with “natural disasters,” propaganda justifies and secures a continued course of social and environmental degeneration, while people are conned into donating money and time to organizations like the “American Red [Double] Cross” and the National Cancer Society.

In this new film, Dr. Horowitz presents compelling evidence and arguments that this status quo injustice is imposed mainly by the public’s mindset. The way people think is shaped by the media and “non-profit” institutions and foundations, public education, attitudes, values, and lifestyles. Everything has been compromised to accommodate “crisis capitalism” and corporate control over globalization and political impositions that have turned people against people, nations against nations, and man against nature.

This film is must viewing for people who know something is terribly wrong with the way the world is operating, can’t quite figure out what, and seek practical solutions to advance a healthier more sustainable life and generally prosperous and peaceful planet.

This film was produced by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz by invitation of officials of the World Organization for Natural Medicine, in association with The Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine, and Medical Veritas International.

See: CriminalFoundations.com

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The “528 KEY” to LOVE & PEACE shatters paradigms with the musical-mathematics of LOVE.

In 1938-39, the British Standards Institute and the Rockefeller Foundation imposed a musical standard on the world that condemned civilization to physiological distress and spiritual suppression. This imposition was called “Standard Concert Tuning.”

Increasingly, since then, the agents and agencies who did this have assaulted the environment, compromised public health and safety, and threatened the extinction of humanity, not only petro-chemically, but musically.

Most intelligent people realize, at this point in history, the world needs a miracle to get us out of this mess we are in, imposed by global industrialists, affecting everything and everyone on earth.

This Film Presents This Miracle

This film heralds the “MIracle 6” note of the original musical scale, otherwise called the “Key of the house of David” (Isaiah 22:22; Rev. 3: 6-8) or “Zion’s Key” for global peace and prosperity. It celebrates the “LOVE528 frequency” at the heart of rainbows, sunshine and snowflakes.

This extraordinary contribution by award-winning author, filmmaker, and “World Leading Intellectual” activist, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, is history in the making. It fulfills ancient prophesy, exalts creativity in the arts, and corrects and refocuses the sciences.

THE 528 LOVE REVOLUTION IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY will impact everything, slowly but surely, eventually; and this feature-length DVD prepares leaders to take advantage of this monumental opportunity to be “ahead of the curve” in a world of creatively-frozen followers.

This Filmmaker

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz is celebrated internationally as the world’s most controversial and impacting activist whistleblower exposing multi-national corporate crime and offering solutions to public health problems using the simplest, low cost, no risk, highly effective natural solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

The dilemmas ranging from cancer to global warming destroying civilization and the biosphere explained in this film are imposed, unnecessary, and easily remedied by 528 music revelations and advancing technological applications of this sound and its light.

Horowitz is an award-winning author of 17 books, including The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, an Accolade Awarded filmmaker, and humanitarian doctor whose work with the World Organization for Natural Medicine advances the Clinics for Humanity Project.

Here he presents his career’s most revealing and uplifting presentation, explaining why the pure sound of LOVE is 528Hz, the color of LOVE is 528nm, and why these “good vibrations” work universally, and in your body, to restore balance and harmony prompting miraculous healing.

This knowledge directing higher consciousness, spiritual sustenance, and civilization’s evolution to natural sustainability, has been generally neglected, and its time has come.

Not About “Religion,” Simply Cosmic Creation and Evolution

This is not a “religious” film or pleading. It is a gift of learning how and why, by simply retuning instruments, voices, and music to 528 frequency “good vibrations,” and applying this power in people’s hearts that is amplified by faithful prayer, audiences can expect to experience a natural “tune up,” and restoration of body, mind, emotions, and spirit, renewing health and energy.

This film presents this promise in a most enjoyable way using colorful, musical, and engaging video “resonating viewers in 528” to expand the healing arts and sciences to serve civilization’s urgent needs for health promotion, disease prevention, and environmental restoration–all without the risk of negative side effects from petro-chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

LOVE is the “Universal Healer,” music is the “Universal Language,” and water is the “Universal Solvent.” Dr. Horowitz puts them together to effectively challenge, and prophetically terminate, “BigPharma’s chemical cult,” its “pseudo-science,” and damaging profitable monopoly over energy, medicine, and much more. . . .

Revolutionary & Evolutionary Revelations in Science, Energy, & Medicine

Since your body is nearly 80% water, you can imagine filling your body with the sound that makes grass green–”LOVE/528.” Consider what this might do for you, for your health, healing, and well-being, reflecting chlorophyll’s widely known ability to heal people of illnesses including cancers.

What might this know-how do for your relationships, family, community, nation and world? What impact could this intelligence and related technologies have on producing world peace and sustainability?

Dr. Horowitz affirms these answers using simple examples and by dedicating this film to “John Lennon, Jesus, and world peace activists.”

For more info on this presentation visit: 528KeyMovie.com

This is a video of a public event, an illegal non-judicial foreclosure on a million-dollar property, that Rambo attorney Paul J. Sulla, Jr. attempted to steal, partly by censoring this video, prior to losing his SLAPP lawsuit against the journalist-doctor and filmmaker, Leonard Horowitz, partnered with investigator, Sherri Kane. The court proceedings that followed the censorship of this video by Google/YouTube in support of Sulla, was dismissed from Hawaii’s Third Circuit Court (in Civ. No. 12-1-0417; on August 26, 2014) by Judge Elizabeth A. Strance after 2.5 years of litigation, when finally Sulla was forced to admit the likelihood that he had conducted the foreclosure illegally.

This fraudulent and criminal non-judicial foreclosure is being posted as a public service, along with educational information and legal documentation, on WarOnWeThePeople.com (See: PaulSullaFraud.com under the “Justice” tab).

Dr. Leonard Horowitz is a world-renowned pure-hearted humanitarian who has dedicated his life to exposing the dark forces in the drug cartel and CIA. This case exposes more than Mr. Sulla’s commission of foreclosure fraud. Apparently, Horowitz and Kane, dubbed “The HOROKANE” by their adversaries, are up against a ring of forgers and land robbers led by the drug-trafficking Hilo attorney (and that statement is a proven fact, not libelous what-so-ever.)

Sulla, Jr., a Bar-certified “reckless” and sinister lawyer, that local police, the prosecutor’s office, the State’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel, the FBI and the DEA are aiding-and-abetting by willful blindness and criminal neglect, has met his match with “The HOROKANE.” This Special News Report evidences Sulla picked on the wrong people to commit theft, unfair competition for their one-of-a-kind property, and racketeering.


Visit PaulSullaFraud.compaulsullacensured.com; and WarOnWeThePeople.com, for more info.




Snowden/Wikileaks Evidence Hacktivist Protection Racket for Controlling Opposition to Deadly Global Enterprise.

This landmark video production contributes to public health, safety, and education by explaining how and why such hacktivist trolls–commercial criminals effecting widespread social discord–are administered by intelligence agencies to secure “crisis capitalism,” terrorism, and contrived wars through media manipulations and cultural divisions.

This unprecedented film exposes the psychological operations, “hypnotronic warfare,” and induced public “trance states,” profiting the largest corporations in every nation and industry, including energy, medicine, and banking, through which the global cartel’s deadly agendas are secured.

Indeed, assassinating the journalists by contrived “accident” or “suicide” at this point, as has been known to happen multiple times under similar circumstances to other members of the “free press,” would further undermine the Western intelligence agencies’ stature as a criminal enterprise.

In 36 riveting minutes, “The HOROKANE” expose the covert actions of their professionally-trained attackers–graduates of the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Unit (JTRIG)–the counterpart to the U.S. National Security Agency in England. Their published records prove the precise policies, attack strategies, and perverse propaganda practices, generated in the Human Science Operations Cell (HSOC) of “Central Intelligence,” used by the hacktivist trolls to destroy the reputations of heroes to benefit villains, conflict with civilized society.

Racketeering in organized crime has become institutionalized by these covert agencies and their psychologically compromised agents, to profit concealed commercial interests and agency-protected competitors. This is not fair play in commerce. It is an imposition of crisis capitalism suppressing and damaging everything good and righteous, including peace, on earth.

Dr. Horowitz–a Harvard Univ. trained expert in public health and behavioral science, notes the risks to society from HSOC’s abuses of human psychology, behavior modification, and cultural engineering to generate war and disease economies.

“It takes gross denial and ignorance, what most people call ‘stupidity,’ professionals call psychopathology, and clergy call “demonic possession,’ to work for agencies as agents of this madness. This is not heroic service to any country. This is treason against every nation and civilization as a whole.

In fact, the entire population is endangered, unless we “shift paradigms” and demand protections of human rights and law enforcement in area of social psychology and mind control, more urgently needed today, than previously, because of the availability of the Internet, to counter consumer fraud and commercial crime aided-and-abetted by negligent legislators, complicit regulators, and media officials.

“Another reason they chose the wrong targets,” Dr. Horowitz said, “is because ‘offing’ us would martyr, publicize, and further legitimize what the multinational corporations have labored for a century to suppress–the simple, low cost, no risk, solutions to this modern madness institutionalizing warfare and disease care. These life-saving remedies are modeled by nature in solutions central to my life’s purpose and film’s mission–to promote natural healing and the importance of the 528 material–including the 528Revolution.com website heralding medicinal music making.”

“It is my hope that our film is a ‘game changer,’” Kane said, “because the greedy, arrogant, psychopathic paradigm of generating mental illness and social distress to profit drug and war commerce is convincingly evidenced in this video for the first time for the world to watch. It takes viewers from Dr. Horowitz’s personal tragedy into the global dilemma that challenges human freedom in every nation. We vet the “wizards” behind the curtain of so-called ‘intelligence’ and ‘counter-intelligence,’ exposing them for being traitorous victims of their own deadly dementia.”

The journalists who produced and contributed to this film agree that whatever sacrifices they make are worthwhile. They are committed to developing widespread public awareness of how the intelligence agencies actually operate criminally and commercially abusing human rights, freedoms, psychology, behavioral science, fear-based messaging, deception, illusion, diversion, social division, the Internet, Hollywood, and other media, to influence populations for money and power.

Read the full story behind this film at: waronwethepeople.com/nsa-cia-hacktivist-trolls-destroy-heroes-profit-villians/

In the heat of the presidential campaign of Barack Obama, his minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, was demonized for claiming that HIV/AIDS is a genocidal weapon of mass depopulation targeting mostly people of color. He based his statements on two books, citing Dr. Leonard Horowitz specifically, author of the national bestseller, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? CNN provided this copy as a courtesy to Dr. Leonard Horowitz for non-profit use.














Honolulu, HI—A Harvard trained expert in public health and emerging diseases, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, claims the 2014 Ebola “outbreak” smacks of scientific fraud and commercial crime.

In a 24-minute Special Report prepared for public broadcasting on Vimeo’s Revolution Television channel, Dr. Horowitz, an award-winning author and filmmaker, with co-host investigative-journalist Sherri Kane, claims the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has defrauded people after drug industrialists loosed the Ebola Zaire strain from a bioweapons laboratory refrigerator.

The only reasonable explanation for the germ’s sudden re-emergence in a different country after years of hiding in a so-called “natural reservoir” is commercial gain and financial crime involving a refrigerator, Horowitz informs viewers.

To evidence scientific fraud, the whistleblowers use common sense and historic records in reviewing WHO and CDC claims that the “natural reservoir” might be “fruit bats.” That “official story” is “pseudoscience,” according to Horowitz, referencing health officials’ purported finding of four percent (4%) of bats tested in Bangladesh (Asia) were claimed to carry antibodies for “African Ebola.”

“This is the same pseudoscience and scam the CDC perpetrated in 1967 after Ebola’s mother–the Marburg virus–broke out of three vaccine production plants simultaneously in Germany and Yugoslavia,” the doctor recalled. At that time, American officials claimed antibodies were found in fifty-percent (50%) of monkeys tested, whereas no other lab could duplicate the claim.

The doctor concludes “major socio-economic and political upheaval” in Liberia, involving officials in both oil and drug industries, best explains the Ebola outbreak that has killed nearly 1,000 people, mostly in Liberia, even though the virus was reported to have first killed people in Guinea.

“Couple the scientific facts with Dr. Horowitz’s censorship, suffered as a pharmaceutical industry whistleblower, and you have substantial evidence of a corporate conspiracy to commit genocide,” Kane said, angered by Google/YouTube’s cancellation of both journalists’ YouTube channels watched by millions of viewers just as headline news about Ebola was breaking.

Read the full Press Release here:


The journalists are requesting activists spread their 24-minute educational video, along with a freely downloadable book chapter on Ebola written by the doctor, to generate public debate on the issue risking people’s lives internationally.

“Think about it,” Dr. Horowitz said, “the wealthiest, most powerful, untrustworthy people in the world are dictating what can or can’t be discussed or published in the scientific community and in public forums from which decisions and emergency response plans using drugs and vaccines are made. This fact compounds evidence of ‘bad faith,’ ‘foul play,’ and commercial crime.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane–“The HOROKANE”– present the “HOLLYWOOD SPIN” series of film reviews, here praising the Academy Award nominee for “Best Actor” (Matthew McConaughey), and his starring role in the Dallas Buyer’s Club.

This review provides the most controversial truths about HIV/AIDS that the film addresses, but audiences and critics generally miss or conceal, including: 1) the truth about the man-made laboratory creation and pharmaceutical industry racketeering origin of the hepatitis-b-vaccine-triggered pandemic; and 2) the “homophobia” surrounding the disease that was purposely generated by false claims about the pandemic’s spread from gay men.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, the world’s most prolific drug-industry whistleblower, award-winning author and filmmaker of “In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism” and “PHARMAWHORES: The SHOWTIME Sting of Penn & Teller,” authored the best-selling book, “Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Inentional?” In that book he reprinted and reviewed U.S. Govt. contracts under which numerous AIDS-like and Ebola-like viruses were genetically engineered during the late 1960s and early 1970s. In those days of sloppy “bench-work virology” using monkeys and chimpanzees to grow viruses for cancer research and vaccine developments, Litton Bionetics (a medical subsidiary of the mega-military weapons contractor–Litton Industries–supplied all the monkeys, chimps, viruses, cell lines and cancer virus culture media needed by the world’s leading researchers and drug developers, including the Merck Drug Co. and the U.S. National Cancer Institute. Chimpanzees shipped from Litton to Dr. Maurice Hilleman at Merck in New York were contaminated by the HIV/AIDS retroviruses, according to massive amounts of concealed scientific evidence compiled by Dr. Horowitz, including Dr. Hilleman’s own recorded admissions.

But instead of jeopardizing the drug market and the “revolving door” between the drug industry and the FDA, and addressing the evidence tampering behind the concealed laboratory creation of AIDS, government officials and the CIA-directed media, “spun” the source of the infection to gay men to generate massive homophobia to protect and expand their market.

This HOROKANE movie review addresses these highly controversial, albeit critically-neglected, facts that surrounded the Dallas Buyer’s Club pioneer, Ron Woodruff’s (McConaughey’s) decision to confront the FDA and federal law enforcers who were, and are, the “real drug pushers” and murderous profiteers.

This Academy Award class motion picture receives highest praise from The HOROKANE.




Judicial Enterprise Enriching Banks and Damaging Taxpayers in National Foreclosure Fraud Scheme Busted by Framed/Imprisoned/Assaulted Common Law Expert Awaiting Governor Abercrombie’s Decision

Honolulu, HI—A top foreclosure fraud expert has been framed in retaliation for exposing banks, judges, and lawyers breaking laws and oaths of office in history’s most damaging lending scheme, according to evidence openly presented in the First Circuit Court of Hawaii during an extradition hearing affecting defendant, Anthony Troy Williams.

Williams, defending pro se, made mincemeat of State of Hawaii prosecutors in open court, causing them to reveal they had manufactured a fake fingerprint record with complicity by the FBI in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Nonetheless, Judge Richard Perkins denied Williams’s release on bail and returned him to jail where he has been reportedly assaulted by sheriffs.

“Private Attorney General” Anthony Williams, who pioneered Common Law Offices of America, also caused Judge Perkins to admit in open court that he may not honor his oath to preserve the Constitution of the United States and protect Williams as a sovereign citizen. In fact, the Court made it perfectly clear he was not even aware he had his oath of office on file.

The shocking admissions were among several that occurred on both days of Williams’s extradition hearing (Sept. 18-19, 2013) wherein the question of Williams’s return to Georgia to face allegations of child molestation was to be decided.

Williams shamed Attorney General (AG) David Louie’s team of prosecutors, witnesses, and lead counsel Simeona Mariano, by exposing multiple counts of fraud in “railroading” Williams, evidencing complicity by the FBI that supplied, according to the State’s leading witness, “Williams’s finger prints” supposedly proving Williams committed his first theft at seventeen days of age, while “still in diapers.”

Witnesses on both sides of the gallery were shocked by the prosecution’s “incompetence,” Williams called it, supplementing his assertion of multiple State and Federals laws being broken by the Court and Louie’s leading “expert” responsible for Williams’s “framing.”

Still, the judge did not budge from continuing the case, denying Williams bail, and awaiting a signed order from Governor Abercrombie required by the State’s extradition laws read to the Court by the chained and handcuffed Williams.

Facts in the Case

Encouraged by a gallery of Constitutionalists supporting the defendant, Williams belittled AG Louie for scheming his framing, false arrest, and malicious prosecution, to conceal a corporate banking enterprise damaging millions of American homeowners and taxpayers who are supposed to be protected by several Constitutional amendments.

Williams had been defending victims of foreclosure fraud and eviction threats by the banks in multiple Hawaii courtrooms since June, exercising his right under Congress’s civil rights law Title 42 U.S.C., Section 1988. That legislation, and substantial case law, affords private persons the right to act as “private attorney generals,” and “attorneys-in-fact,” on behalf of poor citizens who cannot afford attorneys, or do not trust attorneys because of re-mortgage deals made “behind closed doors” that often leave defendants in worse financial straits.

Critics of refinancing schemes say the nationwide practice, administered through the courts and lawyers, best reflects “racketeering activities” as defined by law as a monopolistic “judicial banking enterprise” complicit in extortion, threatened property loss, abusive collection practices, and real estate theft, all neglecting Constitutionally-guaranteed due process and trials by juries.

Complaints from multiple State and Federal judges to AG Louie brought Williams under investigation for “practicing law without a license,” a charge that violates the aforementioned Federal civil rights and Constitutional mandates.

READ THE REST at 528Revolution.com/fbi-hawaii-conspiracy




PharmaWhores Bleeped

528 Revolution